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Natur4u KEG E.Boskova

Business type: Trading Company
Business type: Importer,
Number of employees: Brak danych
Annual sales value: Brak danych
Established year: 2003

Food & Beverages

Agriculture & Gardening

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The company is working mainly with the DF Fruits and Vegetables from the Balkan Region, Hugary and Polan. Own Line of natural without artificial aroma or konservans
Products "Sonnenschein", esspecialy typical Macedonia Specialities as : Ajvar, Grilled
red Paprika, Alma Paprika ( round) in pieces or stuffed with Kraut in yellow or red colour, Hot Paprika - small and round ( like a Bonbons) in yellow or red coulour, Paprika and Hot Paprika with fulled with cheese.

Leitmotov: The natur is reach with beautiful colours and tasts and do not need artificial aroma or any konservans. That ia why we are offering the row materials and products with high percentage of dry matirial init. Enjoy

Address data

Street:Weißgerberlände 54/5
Postal code:1030
Phone: +43 1 9432054
Fax: +43 1 9206035


Contact person

Name and Surname: Boskova Elizabeta
Phone: +43 1 9432054
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